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International approvals (e.g. EEx, ATEX, WHG, VbF, StEx, CSA, etc.) permit our systems to be used in all areas of application.
A wide range of cables / wires from our top quality suppliers in Japan, Italy, Netherlands, USA and Malaysia. For industrial applications of Power, Electronics, Signal Transmission, Telecommunication, Temperature and Heating.
» XLPE insulated power cables for medium and high voltages.
» Aluminium, Aluminium alloy and copper conductors cables.
» Telecommunication cable products include internal wires, jumper wires, switchboard cables, pilot cables, multi-pair telephone cables and integral bearer cables.
» PVC insulated cables with high degree of flame retardance and resistance to corrosion from water, most acids, alkalis and oxidation.
» Rubber covered cables, In shapes of welding cables, appliance cables, automotive wires, industrial control cables, shipboard cables, mining cables and high voltage cables.
» Data communication cables (Category 5 Data Cables), with wider bandwidth, high speed, high volume transmission, meeting the requirements of current structured wiring standards including that of EIA / TIA 568A.
» Other types of cables and wires, like magnet wires, electronic wires, oil and gas cables, fire resistant cables and other types of customized specialty cables & wires.
» PVC insulated, Aluminium screened and galvanized steel armoured round cables for thermocouples, extension, compensating quality or RTD.


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