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Mechanical/ Electromechanical......
For many years now, IMA is leading the market in Iraq and Malaysia in EPC of Mechanical / Electromechanical Systems and Components, offering high quality products and material from Europe, USA, Japan, South-East and Far Asia.

With Well- known Valve Brands and Manufacturers, IMA is the Suppliers of Industrial, Transformer and Commercial valves.

The construction of valves are available in Screwed in bonnet, Union bonnet, Bolted bonnet, Screwed ends, Flanged ends, One side screwed and one side flanged end. Socket weld ends, Solder ends, Indicator type and locking device. Materials used in for manufacturing the valves are Stainless Steel, Forged Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Forged Carbon Steel, Bronze, Gun metal, etc... , Our valves include of:

» Ball Valve
» Blow off Valve
» Butterfly Valve
» Check Valve
» Control Valve
» Diaphragm Valve
» Diverter Valve
» Float Valve
» Gate Valve
» Globe Valve
» Hydraulic Valve
» Manifold Valve
» Multiport Valve
» Needle Valve
» On-Off Valve
» Pinch Valve
» Plug Valve
» Pneumatic Valve
» Pressure Reducing Valve
» Safety Valve
» Solenoid Valve
» Spherical Disc Valve
» Steam Valve
» Valve Actuator



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