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Mechanical/ Electromechanical......
For many years now, IMA is leading the market in Iraq and Malaysia in EPC of Mechanical / Electromechanical Systems and Components, offering high quality products and material from Europe, USA, Japan, South-East and Far Asia.

Filling, Metering and Weighing Technology
Automatic production processes request most modern metering and weighing equipment to produce charges as per the product recipe within the production sequences and to achieve accurate fillings according to the set point. The different properties of bulk material, the varying kinds of packaging which are nowadays essentially determined on marketing aspects, request the most variable types of filling systems.

Systems for Filling Bulk Materials (Cement, Fertilizer, …..etc.)

» Form-Fill and-Seal Filling (machines up to 1.800 bags/h)
» Valve bag rotary packers (up to 4.000 bags/h)
» Pneumatic packers (up to 500 bags/h, each spout)
» Downcomer-pipe packers
» Screw packers
» Centrifugal belt packers
» Vacuum packers
» Open-Mouth filling machines (for paper and PE tape)
» BigBag filling and discharging stations
» IBC / Octabin filling stations

Systems for Filling Liquid and Pasty Products

» Semi-automatic filling machine for single containers
» Semi-automatic single filling unit
» Automatic co-ordinate filling unit
» Semi-automatic radial filling unit for palletized containers
» Automatic filling systems for containers of 1 - 300 l
» Automatic drum filling units
» Automatic multi-spout drum filling systems

Palletizing System for Bags
Automatic palletizers system designed for the following output capacities:
» Automatic palletizers - slide plate system (1.200 - 4.500 bags/h)
» Automatic palletizers - low-level module system (500 - 1.200 bags/h)
» Palletless palletizing and Shrink Wrapping Lines
Weighfeeders and Load Cells
SCHENCK Weighfeeders are designed to constantly control continuous material flows in accordance with a defined setpoint. Where consistent blends have to be reliably produced, e.g. in the steel and cement industries, the weighfeeders are the system of choice.

The complete electronics and AC motors with frequency inverters (compact drives) are incorporated in the weighfeeder mechanical system and form a pre-wired and tested function unit. All assemblies are consistently designed for use in rugged industrial environments. Service and commissioning can be done using the connectable control unit, or still more convenient, via notebook

Conveying Systems
A wide range of conveying systems are available for many different application possibilities for the discharge, dosing and conveying of powders and granulates from silos, hoppers, bag emptying systems etc. We are dealing with all Industrial Conveyer types and its accessories as follows:-

» Belt conveyors
» Screw conveyors
» Chain conveyor
» Bucket elevators
» Conveying components:-
     Chains (Round Steel Chains, Central Chains, Forged Chains, Roller Chains
     Belts (Rubber Belts, Steel Cord Rubber Belts, V- belts …. etc...)



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